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Bug reports are a crucial part of software development and need to be processed as quickly and efficiently as possible. With Gleap, you can get visual bug reports that include technical data to understand the issue better and fix it faster. Gleap also helps you solicit feedback to create better product features, which means your users will have a better experience with your software. Gleap is best for software teams, project managers, and developers who want to create better products with user feedback. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

What is Gleap?

Bug reports are an essential part of any software development process. However, getting them submitted quickly and correctly can be a time-consuming and expensive process. That’s where Gleap comes in! Gleap is a bug reporting developer tool that helps businesses get bug reports faster. It saves businesses time and money since they don’t have to submit the same bug report repeatedly. Gleap does this by automating the process of submitting bugs to various web and app developers. The tool captures all the technical data, like which browser, device, and operating system were in use, and console and network logs for each issue. And in addition to all the bug-catching, this tool is also packed with integrations for popular tools like Slack, Jira, Zapier, and hub spot, streamlining your entire workflow.

In addition, Gleap offers other features such as task management and project tracking – making it an essential tool for any business! So if you’re looking to streamline your bug reporting process, Gleap is your solution!

Gleapis a developer tool that helps you fix bugs faster with visual reports, plus lets you solicit feedback to create better product features.

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What are the benefits of using Gleap?

Software development is complicated, and bug reports are a huge pain. That’s where Gleap comes in – we make bug reports faster, easier, and more user-friendly. With Gleap, you’ll get bug reports that are accurate and useful, which in turn helps you improve the usability of your software. Additionally, by collecting user feedback and insights, Gleap can help you make better decisions about product development. So what are you waiting for? Use Gleap today to get the bug reports you need to stay on top of your development and product management challenges.

You can build your own product roadmap in just a few lines of code, then embed it on your website and see what your users want.

Also, you can create better products with the help of user feedback and communicate directly with customers via surveys or feature requests.


  • It would be the best for software development teams, project managers, and developers who want a tool that helps them squash bugs faster and boost user satisfaction. Gleap allows your users to pinpoint issues with screenshots and replay videos.
  • Your feature request board is a great place to let customers vote for the updates they want, and you can reply to users privately to let them know you’re working on it.
  • In the feedback widget, users can submit feature requests directly from the widget, which makes it easy for them to request features. The feedback widget provides you with a simple way to allow end-users and testers to report bugs directly from the page on which they are experiencing the problem. You have Custom feedback type Direct user communication. Additionally, you are able. Customize the feedback widget design.
  • Make customer-driven development decisions by checking replies on a clear dashboard.
  • Mobile capabilities allow you to request feedback by shaking, screenshotting, or clicking your phone.
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Key Features

  • You can run web, app, and email surveys to learn more about your customers’ needs.
  • If screenshots and video replays are insufficient, customers can draw and select exactly where the bug is.
  • Visual reports of the tool also allow you to run user feedback surveys for developing your apps or website.
  • With its web and mobile capabilities, Gleap is a game-changing tool.
  • Assigning team members to handle issues and respond to direct messages ensures that nothing falls through the cracks and no important information is lost.
  • With surveys and feature requests, you can connect with your customers and improve your products by fixing bugs on multiple platforms faster.
  • You will get many templates to launch surveys in a couple of clicks or customize your own.
  • By sending bug reports in real-time to your project management software, you’ll save hours on manual data entry and accelerate iteration.
  • By capturing and annotating screenshots, they can more clearly demonstrate the exact issue.
  • You’ll be able to ship bug reports to your project management software in real-time.
  • Moreover, you can choose to receive automatic bug reports whenever your dev team encounters a crash.

How do I get started using Gleap?

Software development can be time-consuming and frustrating, but with the help of Gleap, it can be a lot smoother sailing. Gleap also allows software developers to manage product development processes from start to finish. With Gleap, you can keep track of product features, customer feedback, and software development progress in one place. In other words, Gleap is the perfect tool for developers of all skill levels, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer.

How does Gleap help me fix bugs faster?

As part of software development, bug reports are essential. They help you track and fix issues as they are reported so that you can deliver a bug-free product to your users. With Gleap, bug reports are made easy and faster. Use the user-friendly interface to get started. After that, Gleap takes care of the rest – providing you with a bug report engine that helps you fix bugs faster. You’ll also have more time to work on new features and enhancements because Bug Reports are automating! Plus, bug reports are normalized for easy identification and quick addressing of issues. So get the Gleap lifetime deal today and start fixing bugs faster!

Gleap allows me to create what types of reports?

Bug reports are an essential part of product development. With Gleap, you can get bug reports from any software product, even those you don’t use yourself. This includes products such as Office, Adobe Photoshop, and more. By collecting data from your users, you can get valuable insights that will help you improve the product. You can also create customized reports to help identify issues faster. So, whether you’re a product developer or an end-user, Gleap is the tool for you!


Do you spend hours tracking down the bug reports for your software applications? If so, then you need to check out Gleap! This powerful tool allows you to get bug reports faster, making fixing the issues more manageable. It is not only possible to perform this task, but it is also possible to generate information that helps you improve your software development process. So, what are you waiting for? Start using Gleap today and start getting bug reports fixed faster!

Gleap Appsumo: Fix bugs faster with visual reports and customer feedback.

Gleap is a lifetime deal alternative to Instabug best for developers, software teams, and project managers.

It is possible to allow end-users and testers to report bugs directly from the page they are experiencing problems on using the feedback widget.

Free: here, you will get one project, 1-day data retention, and unlimited bug reports.

Lifetime deal available at Appsumo 

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