Harvel Lifetime Deal Copyright Protection Tool

Harvel Protect Your Content Form Piracy

Harvel is software for protecting your content against piracy.

You’ll get statistics for every step of the tracking, reporting, and takedown process on a single dashboard. A team of platform specialists investigates each infringement case before sending a DMCA takedown request to the offending website. It works with Google, Bing, and other search engines by de-indexing illegal material sites, ensuring that they will not appear in search results.

What is harvel?

Harvel is a copyright protection tool that monitors the web for pirated material and sends DMCA takedown requests to Google and hosting sites. 

Lifetime Deal



  • Use automated web crawls to detect piracy and DMCA takedown requests to protect your content
  • Alternative to: Rulta and DMCA.pro
  • Weekly updates on violations, takedowns, and search de-indexing
  • Best for: software developers, artists, and instructors looking to protect their original content on the digital market


  • Automates the piracy fight
  • Scans web 24h
  • Sends DMCA takedown & de-index the infringing content
  • Tracks stats on every step 
  • It has a set of filters, a database of known infringement sites, and a human check.


  • Do not scan the video

Track offending URLs and pending takedowns.

Harvel’s state-of-the-art crawler will search the web for instances of infringement once you enter the URL for your original content. With one dashboard, you’ll be able to track, report, and take down statistics for every part of the process. In every infringement case, the platform’s team of experts examines each case and sends a DMCA takedown request to the offending website to force removal.

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Whitelisting to protect your domain’s content.

In partnership with Google and other search engines, Hardel de-indexes sites with pirated content so they no longer appear in search results. You will be able to access the official record of the takedown and see every action This tool took to protect you once the DMCA takedown and de-indexing have been resolved. It also allows you to whitelist custom domains you sell your content not to be flagged as infringing.

whitelist harvel

Report stolen content to Harvel’s team

You can submit a takedown request manually to the team if you encounter an instance of piracy on your own. You will get a weekly email on detection, takedown progress, and de-indexing status, whether a URL was detected manually or automatically. Harvel’s consistent updates will ensure that your creative work is protected 24/7.

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Harvel’s Help Center

If you have any questions about Harvel, check the detailed Help Center library or chat directly with a team member for further guidance. Customers buy directly from creators rather than finding free work online. Instructors and plug-in developers have been able to boost sales. You can also sell directly from Harvel if you use popular platforms like Patreon, Envato, Gumroad, Teachable, and BuyMeACoffee.

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Harvel keeps your revenue stream and creative ideas safe from copyright infringement when you use automatic web crawl detection and official DMCA takedown requests.

Break free from the threat of piracy.

Get lifetime access to Harvel today!

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What’s included in this Plan:

  • Lifetime access to Harvel
  • All future Pro Plan updates
  • Choose the plan that’s right for you without codes or stacking
  • After your purchase, you must activate your license within 60 days
  • Upgrade and downgrade between 3 license tiers
  • GDPR compliant
  • For new users who do not have an existing account
  • Note: Content refers to the products you sell. One of each of the below items is content.
  • Note: Paid content may be a course, a digital item, or a subscription
  • Note: This deal does not include removing the hosting site
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

Features Included in All Plans:

  • Manual requests
  • Unlimited takedowns
  • Google takedowns

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