improve my website

How to improve my website?

improve my website

How to improve my website and significantly increase website conversion?

There are no perfect sites. Each project has its strengths and weaknesses, but the secret of success lies in the constant striving to stand out from competitors and become at least a little better than them. The top priority should be content quality and usability. After all, if a site is more convenient and more valuable than others, it deserves higher search engine results. That will attract even more users and turn them into customers.

This article will tell you how and how you can make your site better than your competitors.

3 stages to improving your website.

1. Define your competitors

First, you need to understand who is fighting for leadership. In the incognito tab, open your preferred search engine and see which sites are in the TOP for your targeted queries. Make a list of your direct competitors from organic search results and separately from the contextual advertising block. It makes no sense to analyze the latter for SEO promotion, but it will be possible to evaluate their convenience and find interesting ideas for yourself.

2. Conduct an audit of your site and competitors with an emphasis on usability and content.

Different topics have their own rules for building sites and design, but we will highlight general evaluation criteria. They will allow you to understand how to become the best among competitors and motivate visitors to choose your favorite. They can be divided into three blocks.

1. Appearance and interaction:

  • General personal feelings of the site at the level of “like-dislike”;
  • The first screen of the home page immediately makes it clear what the company is doing;
  • Design relevant to the subject;
  • Adaptability for mobile devices and cross-browser compatibility; Elements used on the main page: reviews, location map, FAQ block, etc;
  • Pleasant to the eye the colors of the blocks and their compatibility with each other;
  • The ability to place an order in a few seconds, contact an operator, or perform any other targeted action;
  • The capture forms used, the presence of an online consultant and a callback widget;
  • Lack of intrusive ads and flashing elements.

2. Navigation:

  • Convenient and user-friendly arrangement of elements;
  • Simple menu;
  • The clickability of functional components: menus, filters, order buttons, preview, etc .;
  • Logical nesting of categories and subcategories;
  • Availability and convenience of setting filters and sorting products; Location and correctness of the site search;
  • The basket placement (for online stores);
  • Used blocks of technical linking: “Buy with this product”, “Together cheaper”, “Similar articles”, etc.

3. Content of the site:

  • The usefulness, relevance, and structuredness of texts in different sections/services;
  • The blog presence, design, and regularity of publications; Readability and contrast of fonts;
  • Availability and quality of visual content: pictures, photos, videos, 3d models, infographics;
  • Design of the pages “About the Company”, “Employees”, “About the author of articles”;
  • Relevant and diverse contact information in a prominent and expected place: in the header, footer, in a separate country “Contacts”;
  • Registration of product cards: description, characteristics, photos, video;
  • Availability and naturalness of reviews;
  • The right commenting system

We recommend that you create an assessment table, which will record information on each of the projects. In addition to auditing direct competitors, you should periodically look at sites of related topics and companies that operate in other regions. Even a cursory analysis will help you find a good idea for improving your resource.

3. The introduction of new things on your website.

Now you know how you can make your own better than the competition. It remains only to implement all those new things that you have chosen for yourself. Prepare a TK with a description of what you want to see in the end, and pass it on to a programmer, designer, copywriter, or other specialists. There’s also your part of the work. For example, prepare high-quality photos and videos, arrange articles beautifully and fill out product cards. After introducing new things by specialists, you will need to check the work and start analyzing the impact of the changes on the promotion and reaction of the target audience.

The best website among competitors.

The latest changes in search engine ranking algorithms require site owners to:

  • make all pages and elements of the resource adaptive for mobile devices of different formats;
  • switch to the secure HTTPS protocol to protect user data;
  • maximize the loading speed of pages and individual objects.

As you can see, these three points are not an advantage, but a necessity. If they are not implemented for you, then start improving your site with them.

7 ideas on how you can stand out from your competitors and become better than them:

1. Add different forms of capture: subscription to the newsletter, callback, online consultant, cost calculation;

2. Use calls to action: sometimes for motivation, it is enough to place the Buy, Place an order, Share with friends, Go to page … buttons in a suitable place;

3. Work to increase the level of trust:

  • publish information about the history and mission of the company in the “About us” section,
  • describe in detail the terms of cooperation – payment, order fulfillment, delivery,
  • indicate the author of the content and his professional achievements,
  • motivate customers to leave reviews,
  • make links to communities and pages on social networks,
  • post more contact information;

4. Simplify the process of choosing and placing an order/purchase:

  • -informative description of the product/service,
  • -convenient search,
  • -filters and sorting by various parameters,
  • -comparison of products by the most indicative features and characteristics,
  • -FAQ block,
  • -button “Buy in 1 click”.

5. Create and systematically develop a blog within which users can regularly receive helpful content and solve their pains;

6. Add interactive elements that help to solve any problem and involve visitors: calculator, 3D models, video reviews, polls, games;

7. Make the snippet more attractive to motivate users to go to the site from the search results: adjust the micro-markup, add unique icons and calls to the transition to the description, and install a bright favicon. The listed funds can become a competitive advantage if they are at least a little better on your site than others.

improve my website


It is impossible to avoid the influence of competitors on the evaluation of sites. But, at the same time, you should not be afraid of competition. Their experience, knowledge, and successful solutions can and should be used to improve your site.

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