insert keywords into text

How to insert keywords into text correctly

insert keywords into text

How to insert keywords into text correctly: best optimization

Nobody puts text content on a website just to be there. Its job is to attract potential customers from search engines and motivate them to buy. Therefore, one of the conditions for effective SEO promotion is the correct optimization of the text with keywords.
For copywriters beginners, this job can seem daunting, mainly if the technical assignment contains many keywords with a limited number of characters in the text. But you can and should learn to do this, otherwise serious and expensive orders will remain unavailable to you.
In this article, we will share the experience of our copywriters and show you how to write optimized text correctly only to insert more keywords into them.

What are keywords in copywriting

Keywords are words and phrases that users enter into Google or Yandex when they are looking for the information they need. Immediately after sending a request, search engines analyze it and select the most relevant pages. To increase the chances of a site getting to the search results top, use the exact keywords in the text. However, it is not enough to enter them at random. Search engines evaluate the presence of queries and the correct entry, relevance to the topic of the text, and its benefits for people.

If users do not read the article to the end, or the percentage of keywords in it is higher than the norm, the system will consider it useless spam and may even impose sanctions on the site. That is, the primary task of a copywriter is to write requests into the text as harmoniously and in the right amount as possible.

Basic principles of keyword optimization

Let’s consider 4 main rules of working with SEO texts:

1.First of all, all articles are written for people. Therefore, they need to be interesting and easy to read. Avoid too long sentences and complex terms. Use lists, subheadings, and other typography techniques.

2. Do not dilute the article with “water.” It is not a good idea to add unnecessary sentences only to insert more keywords into them. It is possible to increase the volume of the text solely due to useful information, examples, and essential facts on the topic.

3. Place requests evenly. The most high-frequency ones must be in the first and last paragraphs. Short keywords can be used in headings and subheadings, and long keywords can be inserted into sentences throughout the article. You cannot place them side by side to avoid repetitions and tautologies. For example, you shouldn’t write like this: If you want to buy a TV, it is the most convenient to buy in our shop.

4.To prevent people from stumbling over wrong phrases, only use keywords in their natural form. For example, it is difficult to understand a phrase that contradicts the grammar rules: “TV buy Paris” should be replaced with a more readable one: “Buy a TV in Paris.” Some copywriters want to trick and try to disguise the keywords in this way: ” Buy TV Paris.” So you can’t insert queries into the text – the phrase still hurts the eye.

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A note for copywriters on how to write text by keywords.

We have described the definition of keywords and the basic rules for their placement in the text above. But there are a few questions that beginners most often worry about. And in conclusion, we want to give detailed answers to them:

  • Do I need to highlight keywords in the written text? No, it will look unnatural and inappropriate. Write in italics mainly quotes and boldface – the most important phrases. As you write text, you can highlight keys with color to control their use and make it easier to verify. And when publishing on the site, remove such markings.
  • Do I need to use all the keywords from the TR in the article? If they all fit within the meaning, and each of them can be used to find this article, then yes. After consulting with the customer, try to group them. For example, a set of short keywords without losing meaning can be easily transformed into one phrase: buy a TV+TV in Paris -Buy a TV in Paris.
  • How to insert keywords into the text in the most harmonious way? According to SEO promotion, an excellent article is one in which queries are almost invisible to users when reading. To write such text, use all 3 types of query occurrences:
  1. Exact (direct). If the keywords look natural, you can insert them into the text without changing them. For example, the phrase “Buy a solar power plant in Ukraine” can be written in the same form, but “men’s sunglasses Moscow” already requires changes, and in a direct entry, it will look ridiculous.
  2. Inaccurate. Inaccessible constructions can be changed by declining words and swapping them. For example, “Order delivery Ukraine” transforms into “Order delivery in Ukraine.”
  3. Diluted. Between the main keywords, you can insert additional ones that are suitable in meaning. For example, instead of “Purchase a kitchen set,” write “Purchase a stylish kitchen set.”. We hope these tips will help you figure out how to correctly insert keywords into articles.

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