Ideta is a toolbox for chatbots and voicebots development.|3000+ chatbots around the world.

Ideta: develop your very own chatbot in simply a couple of days, without coding.

Ideta helps companies develop their very own chatbots, voice bots, or callbots by providing them with a powerful software program. They can establish conversational agents in all contexts and utilize machine finding/ expert systems with little initiative. Furthermore, 83% of customers described they required some assistance during their internet journey. You can boost your sales and conversion rates by giving your uncertain customers fast and individualized help.


With Ideta’s powerful but easy-to-use software, companies can build their own chatbots, voicebots, or callbots.

Lifetime Deal

Ideta is a toolbox for chatbots and voicebots development.

You will dive deep into the user experience by developing new discussion situation themes and modifying existing ones, all without a line of code. It is enhanced for quick response.

Automate solutions as well as run your service procedures

Produce your scenarios in a couple of clicks

Quickly create numerous discussion scenarios without coding. Just create bubbles as well as link them to every other.

Quickly train your AI.

We created a unique interface to make the execution of AI less complicated. You can export your job to several NLP carriers you like!

Human requisition

Occasionally, an understanding human touch must change the remarkable effectiveness of automation. Make it smooth!

Connect to any inner or outside tool

Understanding a customer’s demands is excellent. Having the ability to take action instantly is better.

Who is Ideta for?

Ideta is for

E-commerce Websites

When customers have questions regarding a product, they can obtain their responses quickly and proceed to their acquisition.

SaaS Company

The software application can be challenging to comprehend, and you can clarify your item straight to your customer and comfort them.

Inner Use Cases

You can process human resources demands, IT support, and more through online chat. You can integrate the conversation with all your internal devices.

Landing Pages

Chatbots and LiveChat are incredibly multipurpose. It can help you improve conversion rates.

Ideta Features:

  • Canned Responses.
  • Chatbot.
  • Code-free Development.
  • Contextual Guidance.
  • Adjustable Branding.
  • Geotargeting.
  • Intent Recognition.
  • Live Chat.
  • Multi-Channel Communication.
  • Multi-Language.
  • Offline Form.
  • Proactive Chat.
  • Reporting/Analytics.
  • View Analysis.
  • Speech Recognition.

Chatbots and virtual agents are a fantastic means to implement a conversational marketing strategy as they can be developed by any person and deployed on a vast selection of platforms.

A LiveChat is a software application that allows your client service team to strike up real-time discussions with customers while visiting your company’s internet site.


Ideta Benefits/Usecases:

1. Boost customer satisfaction and engagement, increase customer experience.

2. Answer your customers fast and efficiently.

3. Automate your customer support.

4. Deploy to any communication channels.

  1. Customers always have questions, be ready to answer them. This will make them trust you and increase your customer engagement.
  2. Answering your customers’ queries via dynamic chat is faster than by email and easier than by phone. Customers can reach for you when they want to.
  3. With AI you can automate parts of the conversations with customers. This saves your support time, so they can concentrate on complex queries.
  4. Website: With Ideta’s chatbot builder install a simple script on your website and talk to your customers. You will increase the conversion rate and reduce the bounce rate in the process.

APIs: Connect your chatbot to your favorite API without a single line of code. You can make GET and POST requests directly through our interface and build a truly personalized chatbot.

Zapier: Make it easy to automate more than 2,000+ apps from the Zapier library. Create Zaps workflow to automate sending email, create calendar event and more.

Facebook Messenger: You can put an automated salesman behind every ad you run on Facebook. Automate your support on social networks. Build incredible experiences.

Microsoft Teams: Assist your employees with chatbots on Microsoft Teams and enjoy the productivity improvements thanks to conversation automation.

Slack: Deploy your service for other companies on the Slack App Directory or make a personalized chatbot to help your team work more efficiently.  

Google Analytics: Track your KPI within your chatbot to know your ROI. You can update your chatbot according to your data and make it even better.

Workplace: Build smart chatbots and deploy on your Workspace in order to help your teams work more efficiently or automate internal support (IT, HR…).

Zendesk Sunshine: If your favorite channel is missing, you can use Zendesk Sunshine in order to connect to the messaging app you were missing.

Twilio: You can automate the answers to your marketing campaigns. With a whooping 97% opening rate, SMS chatbots can be pretty useful.

Google Home: Get inside your customer’s homes and provide them with a more intimate and instantaneous experience. You are always a word away.  

Skype: Add a chatbot on Skype and improve your employees’ productivity thanks to conversation automation and 24/7 available.


  • Very simple back office management, a small team, which always responds quickly.
  • It’s easy and self service chatbot platform for creating chatbots.
  • It allows to build more effectively and with some ease pretty everything we want around a chatbot.
  • No the possibility to stock more than one entitie from a statement to a list.
  • It is easy to work with this software using block scenarios which allows a lot of flexibility.


  • Some software bugs during the production.
  • The discussions are not sorted in a logical order, yet.

Create your own Chatbot in just a few days, without coding

The ever-growing proliferation of Artificial Intelligence like chatbots is linked to companies’ desire to increase their performance. A chatbot is a conversational robot programmed to instantly answer its users’ questions.

By implementing a chatbot, companies can not only offer a more tailored service to their clients thus drastically improving customer relationship, but also free up employees’ time by automating most repetitive tasks To create a chatbot, it seems rather logical that one should know the basics of programming.

However, with Ideta’s software, you can easily create and deploy your own personalised chatbot without coding. Our intern had the opportunity to create her first chatbot with Ideta (you can try it out here ). The chatbot’s purpose is to help users find a holiday destination depending on their desires and preferences. Although quite simple, this chatbot works really well and could become a real tool if more selection criteria were to be added. 

Step 1 – Define the purpose:

The first step to creating your chatbot, and maybe one of the most important steps, is to define its purpose. There are multiple use cases of chatbots in companies. A chatbot can be used, for instance, internally, by Human Resources services in order to automate repetitive tasks to reduce employees workload and improve their satisfaction. It can also be used as a tool for sales or after-sales services by suggesting products, giving advice, facilitating refunds and answering clients’ questions.

Many other use cases exist: welcoming website’s visitors, conveying the brand’s values, acting as a virtual seller or as increased advertising,… Once your chatbot’s purpose(s) is/are clearly defined, you can start building your tree of possibilities.

Step 2 – Build the tree of possibilities and create your chatbot’s bubbles:

The next step is to create, edit and link conversation bubbles to make your chatbot able to have the right answer to users’ questions at the right time.

Your main interface to build your chatbot To make this easier, imagine a tree of possibilities with numerous branches. Your chatbot is the tree. The branches are the different paths users will be able to choose. Each time they will answer or ask a question, they will follow a new path made of a series of predefined bubbles. The more bubbles and branches you will create, the more your chatbot will be effective and cover a wide range of possibilities and topics.

Ideta 5

Step 3 – Use NLP:

In order to make your chatbot even “smarter”, Ideta offers the possibility to use Natural Language Processing ( NLP ). By choosing an NLP service and entering multiple example sentences such as “I can’t find my password” or “Help me make a reservation” into your chatbot, you will enable it to understand human language by association, and to answer accordingly.

Using NLP will enable your chatbot to be more personalised, accurate and to understand users’ inputs. You can connect your Ideta’s account to Dialogflow . It will make it easier to use the NLP and thus to expand the possibilities.

Step 4 – Deploy and improve:

Before deploying your intelligent chatbot, make sure every branch is perfectly working and that it will redirect users to the right bubble or information. You can also change your chatbot’s design to make it match your brand identity. Your can personalise your chatbot by modifying the logo, the avatar, the colours, and the background.

When you are happy with the result, you can deploy your chatbot on various platforms: your website, as well as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, etc.

The analytics dashboard will show you how well your chatbot is doing based on the data it collects from customer conversations.

To conclude, Ideta offers a very intuitive software with a user-friendly interface. By following these four steps, one can easily create high-performance chatbots in just a few days, without coding.

Get Ideta Lifetime Deal Now!

What’s included in this Plan

  • All future Samurai Plan updates.
  • No codes, no piling– choose the plan that’s right for you.
  • You should trigger your license within 60 days of purchase.
  • Capacity to upgrade or downgrade between 5 certificate tiers
  • GDPR compliant.
  • Keep in mind: An Ideta session is defined as a chat interaction, despite the variety of messages exchanged
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, despite the reason.

Functions Included in All Plans

  • Red stripe as well as Zapier assimilations
  • API (send out as well as get information).
  • Email alerts.
  • NLP.
  • Human handover.
  • Analytics.
Ideta license Tiers

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