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Instruction for writing the best offer to convert

To receive orders, it is not enough to layout the product and set a price for it – you need to be able to sell. In this article, we will share the secrets of writing selling offers, with the help of which you can create your tempting offer to motivate potential customers to buy.

What is an offer in marketing

An offer is a tool for active sales, which consists of creating a profitable offer. Unlike a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), it is temporary and not a permanent benefit for your product. To understand the differences between a USP and an offer in sales, consider an example. “The company is engaged in the installation of windows with high-quality wooden frames, which retain 95% of the heat” – this is USP. “Installation of windows with high-quality wooden frames, which will warm you in winter, with a 30% discount throughout the summer” is an offer. It should contain basic information about all the benefits, advantages and opportunities of the buyer, which he will receive only from you. He should cling from the first second and not let go until the moment of purchase. There may be several offers, and they should be periodically changed, supplemented, attracting a stream of new customers.

Depending on the intermediate goals and the degree of impact on users, there are several types of offers:

  • aimed at increasing the size of the check: special conditions when buying several units of goods at once or placing an order for a certain amount
  • involvement to get contacts: free consultation or product demonstration, test lesson, etc.
  • helping to reduce risks: guarantees, step-by-step payment
  • creating an additional incentive for buying: a gift, a discount card, a bonus
  • offer of improved services: reduced interest on loans, free shipping
  • price reduction: discount, cashback
  • limitation of the proposition: valid for the first buyers, until a specific date, etc.

The offer can become an additional motivating proposal to the already announced USP, enhancing its effect.

How to write a selling offer: what to start with

Before you start writing the best offer to convert, you need to collect information about your target audience. It works if you concentrate on it because you are writing an offer for potential customers.

Essential information for the offer:

  • Pain. The product must solve any problem of users, or they don’t need it at all. Therefore, you need to define them and use them in your proposal.
  • Doubts. The offer should remove the most fundamental objections from the first seconds. Then you will not have a chance to do it: either the user will be ready to continue acquaintance with the product, or the remaining doubts will take him away from the site. Perhaps irrevocably.
  • Expectations. The proposal should fully correspond to the user’s primary goal, and the result of cooperation should be expected, understandable, and desired.

Elements of a selling offer:

  • Product / Service. It is necessary to indicate which product or service is being discussed. There shouldn’t be any options or doubts. Definitions that say nothing or may refer to different products will not work in this case.
  • The meaning of the product/service. Even the most beautiful, convenient, innovative product will not interest the user if he does not benefit from it and does not solve problems. Therefore, in the text of the offer, you need to prescribe this moment and help the user to realize that this offer is necessary for him.
  • Strengths of the product. It is difficult to imagine that your products or services have no analogs on the market. Therefore, within the framework of the offer, you need to show your advantages over competitors.
  • Social approval. Reviews from satisfied customers who have already had a chance to take advantage of this product’s benefits will be constructive. Therefore, please pay attention to this item, and be sure to include it in your advantageous offer.

Formulas for creating the best offer to convert


As the name implies, the formula consists of 4 elements:

  • Useful. Whenever possible, start an offer with an essential benefit in the request: save, win, improve, etc. e. The imperative mood will enhance the effect of the entire phrase.
  • Unique. When you have a distinctive feature of an offer, product, or service.
  • Ultra-specific. A numerical designation of benefit gives the proposal accuracy and specificity, increasing credibility and giving it measurable utility.
  • Urgency. An essential element of an offer is the trigger to limit the time or amount of the request. It is designed to finally “finish off” a doubting potential client.

H3W formula

The formula’s name contains its main elements – the questions how, where, why, when (How? Where? Why? When?). The offer of this model informs the user about when and what benefit he will receive if he performs a specific action or condition.


An offer created by this formula consists of elements:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

A proposal should attract attention, arouse interest, which develop into a desire, and prompts action. The formula is one of the very first while still not losing its effectiveness and relevance.

Before – After – Bridge formula

Such an offer shows what problem the user faces now (before), what he will receive as a result (after), and how your product solves this problem (bridge).


The constituent elements of the offer:

  • Attention
  • Comprehension
  • Conviction
  • Action

This type of offer allows you to attract attention to the problem facing the user. Here we tell you how it can be solved, prove the proposal’s actual benefits, and urge you to take the targeted action.


Offers of this type consist of:

  • Identification
  • Pain
  • Decision

To write an offer using this formula, you need to determine the target audience, indicate the main problem, and voice the solution.



Knowing how to write the right offer for a website or landing page, you can keep the audience’s attention and motivate it to take the targeted action. Use different options, alternate formulas, analyze which ones bring the most benefits.

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