LaunchFlows Easily Build and Manage Sales Funnels

LaunchFlows Easy Toolkit For Every Stage Of Your Business.

LaunchFlows is a multi-purpose tool for building and managing sales funnels. It is the online collaboration platform and marketplace for service providers and product companies. With this tool, you can create, manage and optimize all your sales funnels from one place. LaunchFlow provides software developers, designers, content marketers, and project managers with everything they need to create customized client journeys for professional services and products. WordPress users worldwide can use it to create customizable, user-friendly, and effective sales funnels. Offered as a plugin, it converts your WordPress site into a fully functional sales funnel in minutes. In addition to these, it also provides you tools for automating tedious tasks so that you can build funnels faster.

What is LaunchFlows?

LaunchFlows is a WordPress plugin that lets you build dynamic sales funnels, offer upsells, and incorporate WooCommerce instant payment options.

Lifetime Deal



  • Convert WooCommerce’s product pages into multistep sales funnels
  • Alternative to: WooFunnels, CartFlows, and ClickFunnels
  • Provide upsells, downsells, order bumps, donation features, and easy payment methods
  • Best for: Ecommerce creators and Small businesses looking to make the most of WooCommerce with a lightweight utility


  • Easily create advanced web-based sales and marketing tools without writing any code or designing complex graphics.
  • Drag and drop interfaces
  • Offer a variety of products at checkout.
  • Get each visitor’s Email and Names quickly and easily.
  • Customizes the checkout process for your shoppers.
  • Use it with any WordPress theme and plugin you like.
  • Donors and clients to pay with a single click.
  • Responsive support team


  • No pre-built templates included.
  • No native widgets are available 

Custom sales funnels.

You can use LaunchFlows to transform WooCommerce’s product pages and posts into custom sales funnels for better conversions and customer satisfaction. Take buyers on a personalized journey, whether you want to create a one-page checkout or a multistep offer funnel. With custom order bumps and product variations, you’ll be able to maximize your revenue per visit. LaunchFlows comes with high-converting templates, and it can also be used with WordPress’ default editor or your favorite page builder.

launchflows 1

Upsells and downsells.

Keep the customer journey flowing by making upsells and downsells based on their purchase behavior. Easily integrate upsell or order bump widgets into any page or post, complete with custom designs and copy. Your sales funnel gives you absolute control, so if they don’t choose the upsell, you can offer a downsell alternative.

launchflows 2

Simple checkout

Having a seamless user experience leads to higher customer satisfaction and revenue. Offer your customers instant payment, donation, and name-your-price options that can be added to your sales funnels. With WooCommerce, donors and buyers can use any payment gateway and make their payment in just a few clicks. Instant registration generates more leads and turns the onboarding into a one-click experience.

launchflows 3

Thank you pages.

Instead of leaving customers out to dry after checkout, see them off with beautiful and informative thank you pages. Just use your favorite page builder, like Classic Editor or Gutenberg. You can display a personalized page to your customer that includes the details of their order and lets them know the next steps. Plus, you’ll be able to dynamically link them to their purchased product, direct them to their account or previous orders, and even offer them an upsell.

launchflows 4

LaunchFlows lets you easily craft the perfect customer journey with custom sales funnels, instant payment, and upsells and downsells. Make WooCommerce work for you.

Get lifetime access to LaunchFlows today!

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What’s included in this Plan:

  • Lifetime access to LaunchFlows
  • All future LaunchFlows updates
  • Available within 60 days of purchase
  • Stack up to 3 codes
  • GDPR compliant
  • Note: AppSumo customers will receive any new update or feature released on LaunchFlows
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

Features Included in All Plans

  • All LaunchFlows features
  • Lifetime plugin updates
  • Lifetime bug reporting and feature requests

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