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Strategy for building a link mass

Recently, you can hear more often that link building is losing its significance and relevance. But practice proves that this is far from the case, and links have not lost their influence on ranking in search results. In addition, backlinks are not only one of the columns in the checklist for evaluating a site by search robots, and they allow a much larger number of users to learn about the brand, products, and offer of the company, and, therefore, have a positive effect on the growth of site visitors. Consequently, we recommend that you do not ignore this part of SEO-optimization of the resource and continue to build up the link mass of the site.

To assess the quality of the link profile, you need to analyze the external links on the site. How to do this, and we’ll talk.


  1. Strategy for building a link mass
  2. How to evaluate the external link mass of a site
    -Services for analyzing the link mass of your site and competitors — C–Characteristics of an anchor list
    -Quality of linking sites
    -Types of links
    -Graph of the dynamics of the growth of linking domains
  3. Conclusion

Strategy for building a link mass

Unfortunately, no textbook will give a clear list of actions that, with a 100% guarantee, will provide excellent results and bring the resource to the TOP. However, general guidelines must be followed if you try to build a robust link mass on your site. Let’s remember what influences the assessment of the status of the link profile by search engines and what you should strive for:

  • a variety of link types: dofollow and nofollow, texts, and images, redirected links, etc .;
  • a variety of referring resources: information resources, product catalogs, directories of companies by region and other characteristics, social networks, forums, blogs, etc .;
  • use of anchor, non-anchor, and mixed links;
  • consistent, smooth build-up.

How to Evaluate the External Link Mass of a Site

No tool gives you an accurate answer to how useful external links work at the click of a button. Every seasoned SEO professional has a checklist used to check the status of a link profile. But any SEO analysis of a website’s link mass includes several necessary steps. Let’s look at what needs to be checked and properly evaluate the data to understand the situation and make timely adjustments.

Services for analyzing the link mass of your site and competitors

There are many decent programs that allow you to analyze the site online, both your resource and competitors.

The most popular ones include:

  • Ahrefs is a multitasking analyzer that can evaluate the most critical indicators of the quality of external optimization. The information is given in an easy-to-read form in the form of clear tables and graphs.
  • Serpstat is a popular platform for SEO professionals with various features and tools, including some pretty detailed inbound link data resourced from the Majestic Site Explorer.
  • NetPeak Checker –  compares analytical data of different resources for several characteristics, including the parameters of the link profile. MegaIndex – differs from other link mass analyzers in that it separately distinguishes natural and commercial backlinks, simplifying the tasks of the optimizer.
  • LinkPad – lags behind the main competitors by a long period of database accumulation, which affects the accuracy and relevance of the information, but analyzes the dynamics of building a link profile over several years.

It is no coincidence that we have included in the list of services for analyzing the link profile only those that allow us to evaluate our resource and the sites of competitors. Assessing and comparing the backlinks of major competitors and niche leaders with the site you are optimizing helps you draw the correct conclusions and make adjustments to your optimization strategy.

Anchor list characteristics

High-quality links are natural. The fewer indications of their commercial component, the better the search robots will react to it. When analyzing the link mass, pay attention to the fact that anchor links (in the text of which the request is contained) are no more than 10%, and non-anchor links prevail. A low-quality anchor list includes a lot of anchor links and even worse when with the exact requests. Search robots will refer to such a site as a spammed resource, and this, among other things, leads to sanctions.

Quality of referring sites

The competent selection of donors also influences the analysis of the site’s referral mass. We recommend that you take responsibility for their choice. Earlier, we wrote about the rules that should be followed when assessing the quality of the resources used to place backlinks to the site. As part of the analysis of the link profile, you should study:

  • the traffic indicator of the referring resource: the higher it is, the better;
  • SQI and other available resource assessment systems;
  • the presence of sanctions from search engines;
  • the ratio of incoming and outgoing links of the donor site: the first should be much higher.

Links types

Dofollow link types (they bring search bots to the page for indexing purposes) are the most valuable for the optimizer and resource owner. But their abuse can lead to negative consequences, so dilute do follow links with other types. It looks more natural.

Graph of the dynamics of the growth of referring domains

A significant indicator that must be taken into account when analyzing external links to a site. An abrupt chart indicates mistakes made when building a link profile. Make sure it is smooth and progressive. Search engines consider sharp rises as a sign of artificial cheating, which is punishable by sanctions, and falls may indicate the purchase of rental links.


Analyzing external links to your site and competitors’ resources is /a crucial stage of SEO optimization. Timely error detection and correction will eliminate problems with getting under the filters of search engines and achieve the best result from working on building a link profile. Do you check the quality of inbound links to your site?

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