Riku.AI The vault for your A.I. creations

Riku.AI is the one-stop remedy to build customized designs with NLP innovation.

Riku differs from any AI tool you have experienced up until now. Multiple tabs, no central storage of your work, and no easy way to check what a prompt might look like on a different tech. It is clear that AI holds a lot of potentials, and our community wants to improve the quality of prompts, datasets, and knowledge across the AI space.


Riku offers you the most effective punctual structure experience feasible and gives you the devices to construct AI triggers promptly and efficiently.

Lifetime Deal

Riku offers you the most effective punctual structure experience feasible and gives you the devices to construct AI triggers promptly and efficiently.

With the Riku.AI, all of the best AI models are readily available in a single dashboard, quickly switch over between modern technologies, try which works best for your needs, and wait for your account to use within Riku or export code for your very own applications.


  • The capability to create your very own AI Writer.
  • Speeding up AI development.
  • Works with: OpenAI, AI21LAbs, Co:here, EleutherAI.
  • The UX is smooth, and also it feels well constructed.
  • the subscription includes GTP-J prepared and preloaded,

The neighborhood is incredibly crucial to what we’re constructing at Riku. Our community display permits you to share triggers with other makers and share with you. The very best motivations will undoubtedly rise to the top. You can easily access, edit, and tweak motivates specifically to your needs while learning more about AI overall.


A central storage place for triggers was something we needed ourselves, so we constructed Riku and included features making it so much extra. Please bring your keys from OpenAI, AI21, and Cohere and use our own hosted version of GPT-J to have an AI punctual building experience like nothing else.


Develop prompts faster than ever with Riku. Share those prompts with the community, so they constantly boost. Talk with various other customers in our community and degree up your very own prompt structure abilities. Export the code for your motivation to use within your organization. Run your motivates within Riku for quick results, and always access whatever you have saved. A central filing system for your motivates and AI productions with various other neighborhood members’ prompts at your fingertips.

Our team of AI experts and fanatics is regularly available to assist you with your AI requirements.

What’s included in this Plan

  • Lifetime access to Riku.AI.
  • You need to retrieve your code( s) within 60 days of acquisition.
  • All future Riku.AI updates.
  • Please note: This bargain is not stackable.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, despite the reason.

Riku.AI One Time Purchase of $49.00


There is a great deal of AI-creating assistants to pick from. We are not in that classification. If you wish to be spoonfed a timely developed by somebody else and are more than happy with how it functions, there is no requirement for Riku. If you are interested in learning more about NLP, timely structure, datasets, finetuning, and nerding out on every little thing you would require to utilize this technology in your own business without the gatekeepers of an AI composing aide, then Riku fixes those demands.

✨ Full access to Riku.AI and all Community motivates.

✨ Unlimited Access to GPT-J via our web app.

✨ Ability to perform triggers straight in Riku (like a composing assistant!).

✨ Help docs & Community to assist you to succeed.

✨ Export code of your prompts or neighborhood motivates to make use of in your very own systems.

✨ Store all your triggers in a central account.

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