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Having decided to promote our own business on the Internet, we are inevitably puzzled by the question: which is better – SEO vs SMM. Turning to specialists, each of whom is engaged in a specific type of promotion, for help, we get an impressive list of its advantages, but not an answer to the main question.

We propose to figure out what is better to choose at the start and which way of promotion is the most effective and profitable. Before comparing the effectiveness of methods and selecting the best one, it would be good to understand SEO and SMM promotion.

The regular visitors of our site perfectly know what we are talking about. But let us recall some points to understand that we are talking about the same thing. SEO promotion implies measures aimed at increasing positions in search results. In other words, SEO is a set of actions for external and internal site optimization, the nature and quality of which affects the ranking of sites by search engines.

SMM is a social media marketing and promotion system. Thus, in both cases, we are dealing with promotion. The main thing that makes SMM different from SEO is the object to which it is directed. SEO specialists promote sites in search engines, and SMM specialists promote pages and communities on social networks.

The goal also determines the difference between SEO and SMM. So, promotion in search engines aims to attract visitors and increase targeted actions (purchases, subscriptions, etc.). SMM helps to increase brand awareness and builds loyalty from subscribers. Having dealt with the concepts, we proceed directly to comparing the promotion methods on the Internet and choosing a development strategy.

SEO vs SMM: what is the difference and what is best for launching a campaign

It is hard to compare incomparable things. Only competent complex promotion of a brand, product, or company in search engines and social networks helps achieve the best results. In addition, we all know how social networks seriously affect SEO promotion and the growth of positions in search results. But our task today is to choose a strategy when a shortage of finances, time, and personnel is a common thing.

1. Differences between SEO vs SMM in terms of “pumping” speed

It often depends on how quickly we achieve the desired result, whether the project will exist or be canceled due to a long wait for profit. SEO promotion is a relatively slow process. Even if it is possible to carry out all possible measures for promotion, it can take several days or even weeks to check and index by search engines. In addition, the growth of site positions is influenced not only by internal optimization and content quality but also by some other indicators, for example, external links and behavioral factors.

Obviously, in one day, traffic is unlikely to reach high rates, and the rapid growth of the link mass can lead to negative consequences. SMM promotion with competent actions allows you to achieve what you want in a couple of weeks. Firstly, every second, many users get acquainted with the information on social networks, who are more open and prepared for the appearance of different offers in the feed.

They do not even need to search for something for this. Secondly, the created post appears on the wall immediately after clicking on the “Publish” button, which means that in a second, it can be seen by many users, some of whom will undoubtedly be interested in your proposal.

2. The difference in financial costs for SEO vs SMM

Another especially acute problem for a novice businessman is that you need maximum opportunities at minimum costs. If the budget is minimal, at first, it is better to choose an SMM promotion. As you can see from our article on creating a business page on Facebook, this is quite simple and quick.

To start, you need to create an account, prepare an exciting offer, several helpful posts and start publishing them on your page or in thematic communities. In SMM, financial investments will be required for content preparation, placement of paid posts, targeting, and targeting services.

To engage in SEO promotion, you first need to create a website: pay for a domain, hosting, programmer, designer, copywriter, etc. It requires financial investments, but after all, it will be paid off in full. You can also hire an SEO specialist on a freelance basis or in a company. Still, his services are costly, and not always a freelance employee can completely immerse himself in your subject.

Therefore, we recommend undergoing training in SEO promotion to either implement the acquired knowledge on your website or control the contractor’s work. In addition, additional costs may be incurred, for example, the purchase of external links.

3. How does the time for SEO vs SMM promotion differ after the launch of the project?

Having created and fine-tuned a website or a page on social networks, you must maintain the achieved result and ideally develop a mastered channel for reaching the target audience. And here, regarding the time factor, SMM and SEO change places. Not to get bored and ensure a constant influx of new users and activity, the page owner has to spend a lot of time publishing exciting articles, regularly organizing games, holding promotions, etc. It will not approach you. On average, it takes 2-3 hours daily to maintain the healthy life of a promoted group on a social network.

Once you have done a full-fledged SEO optimization of the site, you will need only a few hours a week. During this time, you have to check if everything is working as it should, analyze the results of using marketing tools, make adjustments and take additional actions to maintain and develop the effect.

The services of a designer and a programmer will rarely be required, from case to case, so at this stage, it is possible to agree on payment for the actual work performed. But there will be a regular need for the services of a copywriter and content manager. In any case, the hassle with a promoted site is usually much less than with a business page or a group on social networks, the SMM promotion of which requires maximum presence.

Seo vs Smm

4. Versatility

What SEO is better than SMM is its almost absolute versatility. Whatever business you are engaged in and whatever product is promoted to the masses, you can always create a website for it, which means that choosing SEO promotion will be relevant for development. We will not effectively promote all goods and services on social networks. This limitation is because social media was created for communication between people united by common ideas, interests, location, and other factors through which they find common points.

Social networks are primarily suitable for communication and entertainment. At the same time, you can supplement your business website with a page where you will publish valuable and exciting content, popularizing the business itself and a brand or a specific person in the company.

In conclusion, I would like to mind that you can achieve the best results by combining SEO and SMM. They complement each other perfectly, bringing site visitors to a group where they can subscribe, leave comments and share information with friends, and direct subscribers after studying a helpful post to the site page for ordering.

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