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Seodity appsumo lifetime deal: SEO platform packed with powerful tools for keyword research, rank tracking, backlinking, and site audit.

From competitor research to on-site optimization, you need a tool to ensure that every aspect of your SEO campaign is managed correctly.

Key Features:

You can use Seodity to manage your digital marketing campaigns. In addition to keyword research, you can continuously monitor your website’s performance in Google search engine results pages using this powerful tool, using real-time data about your website for the best possible optimization.

The Seodity tool lets you analyze organic and paid traffic of high-volume keywords across any website.

Examine competitors’ Google ads for keywords. Find the anchor text that is leading your website.

It offers an in-depth analysis of a website’s effectiveness based on Google Lighthouse. Improve rankings. It also contains added functions, including a duplicate title checker, website speed, and backlink analysis.

With this tool, you can find the precise steps to fix any potential site difficulties, such as poor content quality, broken links, missing HTML elements, and slow page loads.

It helps you explore the organic and paid traffic from high-volume keywords used across any website or on a single page.



The only way to improve your website’s search engine optimization strategy is to make it more effective. It will provide the top content ideas from popular web pages with ease.

You can find your site ranking on Google SERPs anywhere in the world and keep track of keyword positions across devices.

You can utilize on-site audits to examine the elements affecting the SERP ranking of your website. On-Site & Data Explorer helps you to boost your Google ranking, website traffic, SEO error analysis, and more.

Depending on how you look at your competitors, you can use either method to analyze them. As you add new projects, your competitor’s website will be updated with new organic/paid keywords, backlinks, and technical problems. If you are working on any project, you can check this.

You can also pull up web pages with high traffic volume to discover the content performing well.

Also, you have the option of sorting and filtering your results as well as analyzing the content ideas you have generated.

Suppose you develop your SEO strategy using a tool that isn’t reliable. In that case, you’re getting advice from a Magic 8 Ball. From keyword research to technical site audits, Seodity has everything you need to boost your SERP rankings.

An on-site audit can determine what factors affect your website’s ranking on Google’s search engine results page (SERP). Identify potential site issues—from content quality and linking errors to missing HTML tags and slow load times—and find the exact instructions to fix them. You can also run a quick content analysis that shows you the most popular phrases for each web page.

You will get accurate SERP rankings anywhere in the world.

Best for: Marketing agencies, SEO specialists, and small businesses looking for an easier way to level up SEO strategies

Alternative to: Ahrefs, Semrush, and Mangools

You won’t climb Google’s SERP if you aren’t monitoring keywords and backlinks and fixing site errors. That’s why you need a platform that can handle every aspect of your SEO strategy, including on-site optimization and competitor analysis.

Seodity will be one of the best SEO tools for your website.

Seodity Review Pricing Plans:

Seodity provides you with four pricing plans: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Agency but lifetime access to Seodity today for just $ 79

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