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Video content is one of the essential pieces of content on the internet, and businesses of all sizes can benefit significantly from using video content to drive engagement and conversions. Vidjet is an ad-free video hosting platform. That allows users to upload, publish, and monetize videos without worrying about annoying ads interrupting their viewing experience. In addition to being an excellent video content platform, the tool also has several other features that make it a powerful ecommerce tool, such as the ability to boost video engagement with display formats like bubble, pop-up, sticky play button, or content embeds. Therefore, if you’re interested in increasing your video content’s engagement and conversion rates, then Vidjet should be considered if you’re searching for a way to accomplish this.

What is Vidjet?

If you’re looking for a pop-up video player that can do it all, look no further than Vidjet! This software offers lifetime upgrades and support, making it the perfect choice for your needs. You can use App to watch videos on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. In addition, the App offers a variety of formats for videos, making it easy to convert and share videos between devices. The platform is a pop-up video player that lets you watch videos in various forms, including WebM and mp4. Vidjet is the best combination of versatility and ease of use when it comes to video players!

Vidjet is an ad-free video hosting platform that lets you easily publish video content on your website and ecommerce store, as well as video player customization features such as the VIDJET LIFETIME DEAL Review.



YouTube is a top-rated video-sharing platform and has over 1.7 billion users. With Vidjet, you can share your videos with millions of people, but it does not require you to have a YouTube channel to use the service. To use App, upload your video, and insert your URL. The Vidjet system will automatically do the rest. You can embed your video on your website, blog, or social media channels. You can also use Vidjet as a video player for your website.

  • More No-code and embed-code video publishing possibilities.
  • Centralized dashboard and video management.
  • Choose from a selection of pre-made, copyright-free videos to welcome visitors, collect emails, and announce flash sales.
  • You’ve perfected your video content, losing screen time to random ads.
  • You can create a discrete video viewing option with the sticky play button so you don’t disturb your customer’s browsing experience.

How Vidjet works

You can repurpose your existing videos or use our templates to showcase your best video content using Vidjet’s platform. Playing around with Vidjet’s platform is fun to showcase the best video content.

This tool only takes three steps to add videos to your website: upload, tweak, and publish, and your videos can be uploaded in any popular file format.


  • Your videos can be uploaded in any popular file format, including mp4, MOV, web m, and ogg. Pick from various ready-made, copyright-free films to greet visitors, gather email addresses, and publicize flash sales. Additionally, you may view the embedded tutorial films to learn how to make your fantastic video material. You’ll be able to upload your copyright-free videos.
  • vidget offers seamless integration with programs like word press, Shopify, and klaviyo. You may quickly upload and publish ad-free movies to your website or online store.
  • Google Sheets with Klaviyo email integration.
  • Integrations with any website using Google Tag Manager or script tags
  • youtube and Vimeo boost your video engagement with display formats, including bubble, pop-up, sticky play button, or content embed
  • You can also choose where to put each video, such as on all pages or only on URLs that contain specific keywords.
  • It helps you create high-converting pop-ups and contact forms to generate more leads, reduce cart abandonment, and drive more email signups.
  • Your team members can access any collection or asset through a shareable link.
  • You can watch the embedded tutorial videos for tips on creating your excellent video content.
Vidjet 2

What are the benefits of using Vidjet?

However, even larger companies are seeing the value of using SaaS solutions because of the healthy market, which increases competition.

  • Use sixes to increase your store’s traffic and sales on Facebook, Google, and Instagram without any advertising experience.
  • People will love your store if it is beautiful, quick, and attractive. Get more email subscribers: Collect emails with personalized and segmented videos throughout the customer journey. Videos about sales or products are a great way to do this. Be smart about content: use any of our templates or all of the videos you already have.
  • Use the bubble format to let your visitors choose if they want to play the full video. It is super helpful for welcome or support videos.
  • It also works with increasing customer loyalty. Vidjet is the first video-popup software for online business owners.
  • You can even perform refunds straight from your help desk live chat when you centralize all your support tickets.
  • The pop-up video format makes it easy to collect emails or share discounts when a visitor tries to leave your website.


Did you know that Vidjet is the ad-free video hosting platform that lets you upload (in any primary file format), share, and play videos without any ads? Not only that, but Vidjet also offers a lifetime deal that gives you 50% off your first month of use! This is a great way to get started with Vidjet and enjoy its many benefits. Make sure to check out Vidjet and its lifetime deal today!

Best for: marketers and ecommerce sellers who want to use video content to boost engagement, trust, and sales.

Get Vidjet lifetime Deal today!

Plans and Features

  • Plans and Features
  • Deal Terms
  • Lifetime access to Vidjet
  • All future Enterprise Plan updates
  • No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that’s right for you
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 3 license tiers
  • GDPR compliant
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

Features Included in All Plans

  • All video formats
  • No-code and embed-code video publishing possibilities
  • Video player customization features
  • On-video CTAs
  • Video triggers
  • Centralized dashboard and video management
  • Email integrations with Klaviyo and Google Sheets
  • Native integrations with Shopify and WordPress, including WooCommerce
  • Integrations to any website via a script tag or Google Tag Manager
  • Pre-made videos
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