fast Google answer section

What is a fast Google answer section and how to be a part of it?

fast Google answer section
fast Google answer section

What is a fast Google answer section and how to be a part of it? What is the fast Google answer section?

Search engines do their best to become the most interesting, comfortable, and rewarding place for users to stay. Google developers decided that it is much more convenient not to click on various links when looking for the necessary information but to get an immediate answer to the posed question. Of course, Google experts do not answer a variety of user questions on their own. There is no link to any encyclopedia either. So, how to find a single source containing an immense amount of data. The search engine takes information for answers on sites of various directions and topics indexed by it.

Answer section in Google search are an extended snippet containing up to 50 words, a picture, and a link to the site from where we took the data and the title. The answer to the question posed by the user is clear, concise, but succinct. There are no clarifications, lyrics, and details. It is not enough for an in-depth study of the topic, but it is pretty enough for drawing up a general idea of ​​the object. The block with Google’s featured snippet is located above the list of sites in the search engine and occupies the very top line of the search page.

Types of extended snippet question-answer

The Google answer section can contain data in the form of:

  • text content;
  • tabular data;
  • list.

In all three variants, the snippet can contain images.

The most popular are text snippets. It is not because the type of information presentation is more convenient to study, but what questions users are interested in. Lists and tables are not always suitable: they are associated with enumerating data and are usually with numerical indicators. A text is used in definitions that are most often suitable for answering questions.

Advantages of getting into the section with answers in Google search

Once you are among the lucky ones who have the right to a place in the section of the selected Google snippet, you can get a lot of advantages, the main of which are:

  • additional impressions that do not require financial or time expenditures;
  • alternative additional traffic source;
  • increasing the loyalty of the target audience;
  • positive impact on the level of trust from users;
  • improved CTR and conversion rates;
  • increase in attractiveness for the search engine by improving the behavioral factors on your site on the Google SERP.

Getting a site into the Google answer section can be even more beneficial than being placed in the top positions of search results. After all, the “zero snippet” is above the TOP-1 and gives more advantages for promotion.

How to get into the Google answer section

You can not buy blocks with a highlighted description in Google search, as well as a place in the TOP. This is because of developers who are helping users and not more solvent site owners. And there are no guaranteed steps to get a “zero” snippet. However, it is quite possible to help Google make the right choice and pay attention to information from your site.

Choosing the best

Google fights for quality in everything. Therefore, for placement in the section of answers, the search engine selects the most successful sites, the reputation of which can usually not be doubted. Therefore, if for some queries your site is in the TOP of the search results or at least it gets to the first page, it will have a much better chance of getting a “zero” snippet. In some cases, even not the top sites can get into the block with answers, but this happens much less often and is an exception to the rule. Thus, while striving to take the lead in Google search results, you are simultaneously helping to bring site content to the Google section with quick replies.

Preparing “responsive” content

When determining who to give the “zero” snippet to, Google focuses on the content, relevance to the request, usefulness, and informational content. To increase the chances of getting into the Google Zero Snippet block, you must understand how to prepare materials on the site correctly.

Recommendations for the preparation of content:

1. Information should be brief and complete, but at the same time have a compact form. Google favors suggestions that can fit entirely into a response box. So try to put the essential things on the topic – up to 50 words.

2. Additional materials on the site, which allow users to immerse themselves in the subject matter if necessary, are a significant advantage for the site. The search engine will give preference to sites that can provide more detailed information relevant to the query in addition to a concise, capacious answer.

3. High-quality illustrations to the text attract the attention of not only users but also search engines.

4. The use of lists and tables makes content more appealing to Google. Therefore, if you can logically format solid text into a more readable tabular form or list, your content may well move the competitive response from the “zero” snippet.

5. Include the questions you are answering in the text. Thus, it will be easier for search robots to link your content to the question asked by the user.

6. In one article, answer several questions on the topic. When choosing a “responder,” Google often gives preference to those sites that have already received the right to the extended snippet earlier. Content posted in a highlighted block has a remarkable ability to respond to another query on the topic.

And, of course, you should compile a list of relevant and interesting questions for the target audience in advance, the answers to which you can give. We will describe how to do this below.

How to find queries that help you get into the Google answer section?

You can increase the chances of getting into the Google Featured Description section, for which it is essential not only to be able to create content correctly. You need to know what information users want to receive. After all, even the most beautiful – accurately composed, well-designed, and reliable – the answer will not get into the “zero” snippet if no user asks the related question. Focusing on the information you are ready to share and understanding what may interest your target audience, start looking for questions.

Where to Find Topics for “Response” Content

There are a lot of practical techniques for compiling a list of questions of interest to your target audience, which at the same time may fall into the block with Google’s quick answers. Let’s have a look at the simplest ones.

1. Google Help

Enter an arbitrary question that is relevant to your business. If your answer box is empty, great, there’s room for your content! It remains only to write the correct text. If the competition is high and the “zero” snippet already exists, do not despair. First, you’ll find additional text ideas in the Related Searches section. These are not just questions on the topic but the questions that interest the target audience. Secondly, you can find weak points in the content that is placed in the Google answer section and, by preparing a text that is more suitable for an extended snippet, move a competitor.

2. The basis of your site

You already have keywords to open the door of the resource in the answer section. You don’t know about it yet. And to find out which of the keywords can give you an extended snippet, you can use the multifunctional Serpstat service. To check, enter the analyzed query into the search bar of the service, select the Google search engine from the drop-down list, then click on the Search button. If Google shows an extended snippet in response to the keyword phrase, this will be indicated in the “Special blocks in SERP” window. Check the keywords for which you plan to promote your site. It is possible that you already have many topics, the proper disclosure of which will help you get into the coveted Google answer section.

answer section


Placing content and links in a section with quick answers on Google is an excellent option for effective promotion. Of course, no one will give a 100% guarantee that by performing this or that action, you will get an extended snippet, but using our recommendations, you can easily see your site in the answer section. You will get a great chance to improve the statistics of your web resource, increase its position in the search results, and, as a result, additional benefits. A “zero” snippet is not a competitive line but an actual section for experts. In any case, this is how users perceive it, rewarding the site with their special trust. We recommend paying attention to this promotion tool.

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