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What is content marketing?

content marketing

What is content marketing, and who is it for?

Search engines, like users, are becoming more sophisticated. Now all they need is the benefit, interest, and quality. Сontent marketing includes these three most effective SEO tools. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach to grab the target audience’s attention, build trust, and motivate users to take action. Content marketing tasks are solved by compiling and publishing useful, relevant, engaging, and valuable content from the audience’s point of view. Unlike direct selling and advertising, content marketing is not meant to sell anything here and now. Instead, its goal is to form its loyal audience, which can eventually become the basis of a customer base and even help spread information about its products. Content marketing is suitable for companies of all levels: from manufacturing firms to small businesses. Even if your company is just you, quality content can bring your website and business to a leading position, bringing maximum benefits.

What Content Marketing Gives: advantages and business benefits

Effective SEO promotion is hard to imagine without thoughtful content work. It doesn’t matter what product or service you are engaged in. To promote the products, you need a good information base. By creating texts, videos, or graphic materials that help solve a particular problem of the target audience, you can make a special trust in the brand. They will come to you, again and again, sharing helpful information with friends.

What content marketing can give your business:

  • create an image of an expert and a real specialist in your field, who you can always turn to for valuable recommendations;
  • to increase the degree of trust in the brand through effective assistance in solving any problem;
  • increase the importance of the site for search engines and improve its position due to: the natural growth of the link mass; traffic growth; improving behavioral factors; an increase in the number of optimized queries;
  • increase brand awareness;
  • to form the effect of “word of mouth,” attracting more and more users with the help of its target audience, which works much more reliably than advertising;
  • sales growth due to increased traffic, dissemination of information by the users themselves, and an increase in the degree of trust of the target audience.

Knowing what tasks content marketing solves, get ready for backbreaking and time-consuming work. A well-thought-out strategy for creating a flow of information that will benefit audiences, search engines, and, as a result, the company may well be the foundation of future leadership. The amount of content is not so significant, although a lot depends on it. You should put the quality of the published material in the principal place. It should be of interest to a specific target audience, answer its concerns, help solve the topic, and deliver reliable information.

Content marketing and other forms of modern Internet marketing

Advertising (online ads, offline advertising)

Users, over time, not only got used to the advertising that surrounds them everywhere but also got tired of it. In addition, many of us have the impression that it always, or almost always, distorts the truth. In other words, more often than not, advertising is perceived as “stealing” not very high-quality products. Unlike advertising, content marketing does not “sell” products, and its task is to tell about its features and benefits. Such information is perceived much more loyal by the audience, and it is believed more. In addition, it is useful, helps to make a choice, so the author has a chance to earn more trust and respect from a potential client.

Contextual advertising

Unlike traditional advertising that flashes in front of everyone in a row, contextual advertising works with its target audience. Such advertising is much more effective. But using the standard tools of annoying, aggressive advertising, you may not get a return here either. Content marketing allows both users and the business owner to get more value. By attracting visitors to a website filled with quality content, you will receive loyalty and gratitude, which in the future may well turn a casual “passer-by” into a regular visitor to the site and even a satisfied customer.

SEO Promotion

It is wrong to separate content marketing from SEO. They work together. Without high-quality content, achieving significant success in promoting and growing positions in the search results is impossible. Content is the backbone of effective SEO. Some time ago, SEO used “technical” texts filled with queries and utterly free of any meaning. Today, neither users nor search engines will appreciate attempts to promote in this way. The inclusion of key questions in the content is necessary, but at the same time, the text must be filled with meaning, correctly written, and properly structured. Otherwise, users will immediately leave the site, and search engines may impose sanctions on the resource. The more high-quality texts you place on the site, the more low-, medium- and high-frequency queries will be harmoniously entered into them. And the more valuable the materials are, the better and faster your resource will advance.

SMM promotion

Just like in SEO, in SMM, it is not about the important text, but its quality is more important. Interesting, valuable posts will help you quickly gain subscribers and be distributed by the users themselves.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very effective tool for communicating with users, but only if you are not trying to send spam. It is clever content marketing that makes it as effective as possible: valuable and necessary for recipients and profitable for business. Knowing your target audience, their questions, pains, and problems, you can prepare a series of helpful emails to help users get the answers that matter to them. Сustomers will not move such letters to the trash, and they will not block the sender. They will be studied, brought to the site, and even sent to colleagues and friends interested in the same issue. Content marketing takes email newsletters to a whole new level of communication with the target audience.

How Content Marketing Works

Unlike active selling tools like advertising, content marketing does not have an immediate impact. Content marketing does not have sales as the aim, and it does not set the task of selling products here and now. Its job is to create a brand that is trusted. Therefore, content marketing works for the long term.

To implement it, you need:

  • a thoughtful and compelling content plan;
  • high-quality – relevant, engaging, and valuable – content containing reliable information;
  • sites for placement.

In some cases, one person can carry out all the work ( the content manager), but larger Internet projects require the knowledge and work of a group of specialists. In other words, in addition to time costs, content marketing can also cost money for a brand owner. Although compared to the costs of the same advertisement, often the prices of creating and publishing content are significantly lower. When betting on content marketing, you shouldn’t expect quick results. But absolutely no one can do without this promotion tool. The more you communicate with your target audience and the more useful this communication will be for her, the more benefits you will receive in the future.

Platforms for using content marketing tools

In addition to the previously listed indisputable advantages of content marketing, you can add one more – its versatility.

You can use high-quality content:

  • in publications on the pages of your site, where it is needed;
  • in articles on thematic websites, using guest posting for promotion;
  • on social media pages, using posts and comments;
  • in email newsletters for subscribers;
  • on the vastness of video hosting sites, primarily YouTube, supplementing text content with video format;
  • in publications in various offline journals: periodicals, thematic booklets, or specialized literature.

We recommend using any media for posting useful texts, videos, or audio materials. The main thing is to properly prepare the text and understand what your target audience is interested in and find any point of contact with it.


Content marketing is a marketing strategy that can turn your project into an accurate information portal. The image of an expert and customer-oriented company, which is ready to share its practical knowledge with users, will help to attract the target audience and earn its trust. This process may not be quick, but it bears great rewards. What content marketing gives you, no promotion tool can provide you – trust and loyalty. That is why we recommend, without delay, to start thinking over a content plan and implementing it.

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