WHO IS A COPYWRITER AND WHAT IS HIS WORK, What is copywriting, and what does a copywriter do

The Internet has firmly taken a leading position in public life. One of the sides of his overarching influence is the emergence of new professions. Among them, of course, is the copywriter. Despite the demand on employers and a considerable number of candidates, the very concept of “copywriter” as a profession is very vague. Therefore, we decided to prepare a different material about the work of a copywriter, talk about what it is, who a copywriter is and what he does to make money. “Copywriting” – literally translated from English (from copy and writing) “writing text” (not to be confused with “copying,” this activity has nothing to do with it). One of the mistakes in defining what a copywriter does has to do with the ambiguity of the term copy. In the case of copywriting, we are talking, of course, not about the copy but the unique text. But to answer the question of what kind of concept a “copywriter” is in simple words, a translation from English is not enough. You need to know what is originally meant by this term and what responsibilities the “text writer” actually performs. Some, defining the profession of a copywriter, insist that this is writing only commercial texts, designed to increase sales or aimed at creating an attractive image (in fact, selling a person’s professional qualities). Many specialists in copywriting say that the writing of any text without exception lies behind this profession. It is still necessary to concretize what a person with a copywriter’s job does. A specialist creates text materials, the purpose of which is to increase the customer’s income.

What texts does a copywriter write, and where are they used?

A copywriter can attribute a considerable amount of materials to readers that bring financial or other benefits to the owners of sites or businesses. The primary “profitable” texts include:

  • thematic articles, including scientific ones, aimed at the most complete and detailed disclosure of information;
  • their purpose is to emphasize the expert opinion of the author of a blog or site;
  • scenarios for various events that are designed to draw attention to the brand or products of the company;
  • news materials that also affect the assessment of the site by ordinary users;
  • slogans promoting a product, service, or brand;
  • the name of the product, direction, or brand, which should not only accurately define the scope of activity but also emphasize the main advantages (this also includes, for example, the names of online schools, product series, or brand names);
  • selling texts that reveal the usefulness and necessity of products to improve the quality of life of users and call for the purchase of the company’s goods or services;
  • marketing materials – advertising brochures, leaflets, presentations, etc .;
  • commercial offers, texts of e-mail newsletters;
  • any other texts that bring the site owner or company closer to achieving the desired goal.

Depending on the peculiarities of writing text and filling content, styles, and methods used in copywriting can be distinguished:

  • SEO-optimized texts (we will talk about them separately);
  • information style, which consists in “serious” presentation of information without unnecessary water – everything is clear and to the point;
  • scientific style – is informational, but characterized by a narrower focus, limited target audience, and the presence of special terms, concepts, formulas, calculations, experimental data, etc .;
  • conversational – used in communication with a broad audience and is suitable for social networks and other sites where informal and more free communication is encouraged;
  • journalistic – refers to the genre of interviews, reviews, and reports;
  • infographics – can be used both independently and in conjunction with textual content, usually used in combination with informational texts;
  • visual content – additional video and photographic materials that illustrate text content.

The artistic style stands apart, in which various literary techniques are used (hyperbole, inversion, metaphor, etc.). Such text contains emotions, a description of personal feelings, and assessments of the author. An art style is an instrument of fiction. There is nothing to do with copywriting, as it does not have to obtain benefits.

Where are texts prepared by copywriters used?

Working as a copywriter is related to creating content for websites. Copywriting also applies to “paper” editions. The product of the professional copywriter work can be used for:

  • printed materials: periodicals, leaflets, advertising brochures, etc .;
  • sites of any orientation; blogs; posts on social networks;
  • message boards (offline and, first of all, online);
  • landing page;
  • reference books;
  • any other sites where you can place content to attract the attention of users.

What is an SEO copywriter?

An SEO copywriter is someone who prepares SEO-optimized content containing search queries. This work aims to increase traffic, increase positions in search results for targeted queries, etc. In addition to benefits for the site owner, SEO-optimized texts have benefits for users. They help you quickly find the information you are looking for. It is good if the SEO copywriter knows what is required of him and how to achieve it. It is important to note that a professional SEO copywriter should harmoniously fill texts with crucial phrases and know SEO basics. Otherwise, the over-optimized content will differ in “curvature.” Users will have difficulties studying it, and search robots may suspect the optimizer of unfair competition and apply sanctions to the site for over-spamming.

What a beginner copywriter should know

Suppose you are planning to become a copywriter but do not know where to start. In that case, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of necessary knowledge, without which you will most likely not make money writing texts.

Minimum knowledge for a novice copywriter:

Competent English language. Do not neglect the ability to write correctly, without spelling, syntactic, and semantic errors. Although we are talking about our native language, not all of us know how to write correctly. And it’s not just about the grade in the school certificate. A good copywriter has a sense of language. It is a natural talent that only a few can boast of. Software products help to fix some errors, but not all. At the same time, writing the text will turn into a routine and a long, painful process of constant edits, so you cannot rely only on them.

Knowledge in various fields – from general to profound, the ability and willingness to quickly learn new information. It is good if you know about some narrow topic, for example, you are well versed in medicine or metallurgy. In this case, you already have a thematic niche, and it will be easier for you to find a customer, limiting your search to a specific specialization. On the one hand, creating boundaries can reduce the number of customers interested in your services. On the other hand, it significantly increases your value to them. If there is no education, your interests are so broad that it is difficult to determine the main professional topic. Your knowledge is overly specific that there are very few hunters for them. You should not despair. The ability to quickly find, filter, perceive and process new information will help you become a universal master of the word. Remember to read, watch, listen and constantly memorize and in large quantities if you count on solid earnings and constant employment.

Knowledge in the field of psychology. Without this skill, it is impossible to “reach out” to users, which means that your texts will not reach the intended goal. And the customer pays the copywriter, not at all, for symbols and volumes. He pays for solving a specific problem.

Skills in structuring texts, writing headings, formulating conclusions. Understanding the “logic” of the text helps to create truly high-quality content that looks attractive, makes you want to study what has been written, “brings” the reader to the cherished thought or action (going to the site, making purchases, etc.) .).

Knowledge of the basics of SEO optimization, advertising, and marketing techniques. Be sure to study the features of modern Internet marketing. It will help you write high-quality SEO and sales copy and better understand the customer’s needs. To achieve your goals, you need to speak the language of the employer.

Ability to work with graphics. Even superficial skills in graphic editors and images will help make content more exciting and attractive for customers and users.

Fast printing speed. The customer usually determines the cost of copywriting services based on the number of characters in the text. Regarding this, it is essential to have the skills to process information efficiently and type quickly. We talked about how you can increase the speed of writing content and not lose quality.


How to start working as a copywriter

You are sure that being a copywriter is what you have always wanted to do. Determine where to start your career. Let’s make a reservation right away. As in any other profession, if you do not plan to develop, constantly expand your knowledge and capabilities, most likely you will not be able to earn decent money and reach any significant heights in the profession. But by systematically developing and improving, it is quite possible to achieve outstanding results. Famous copywriters never sit without work, and they can afford to choose an employer and texts of interest.

Where to find a job for a copywriter:

Content Exchanges. Sites searching for “one-time” performers or orders on the network have appeared relatively recently but have already attracted hundreds of customers and hundreds of thousands of performers. Such sites are suitable for starting a career. With their help, you can practice your skills, gain experience communicating with customers, and understand what requirements (primarily, technically).

Specialized sites for the search for employees. Here are regularly posted vacancies of various companies – direct employers and recruiting agencies. Here it is worth starting a search only after you already have a clear idea of ​​who a copywriter is and what his job is, and how much the services of a specialist may cost. Often employers are expanding the list of responsibilities and requirements for the performer, adding to the job description the work of compiling a semantic core, publishing content, drawing up a content plan, or even a marketing plan for the company’s development. It’s great if you have all of these skills and are willing to use them. But it is essential to understand that it would be good to receive a higher salary for additional “buns.”

Freelance Communities. Here you can find many exciting and valuable things for work and see open vacancies for copywriters and independently post content that will show your “product” face and attract the attention of “advanced” employers who attract only the best to cooperate.

Business Communities. An option for those working with a specific topic (medicine, oil, and gas, bridge construction, etc.). Register on professional business websites, communities, forums, or other platforms where people communicate and work to demonstrate your unique abilities. Most likely, soon, you will be approached with a job offer, assessing your knowledge and ability to create high-quality content in this thematic niche.

Independent access to potential clients. Like the previous option, it is most suitable for working in a narrow-topic niche. You will need experience, in-depth knowledge of the topic, a carefully prepared portfolio, and patience.

Own website, professional page on a social network, blog. A way of finding customers for experienced copywriters who not only have something to tell and show but whose name speaks for itself. Usually, such artisans are pretty expensive.

“Word of mouth.” For obvious reasons, this is an option for trusted specialists. The customers have already been convinced, satisfied and grateful to the copywriter that they are happy to tell their partners and friends about the beautiful artist. That is, the job finds you on its own, but, of course, not without your active participation in creating a reputation and name.

The profession of a copywriter is in high demand and allows you to get a good income. Experienced professionals can earn from $ 1000 per month and plan their employment at their discretion. But the path of the master of texts is not easy, and the take-off may take more than one year. But suppose the texts are your everything, develop your skills, acquire new knowledge and skills, build a reputation, and do not be lazy to use various methods of finding customers. In that case, money and fame will surely overtake you.

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