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X-EmailVerify. Verify Before Sending. Increase The Email Deliverability

X-EmailVerify: Enhance Your Reach. Check Before Sending. Tidy Your List With Just One Click. Bulk E-mail Verification Tool. Examine E-mail Address

X-EmailVerify enables business firms to check your e-mail list and use a range of various checks to remove invalid e-mails. Completion outcome is a greater deliverability rate than previously and the defense of your e-mail server’s online reputation, check e-mail address without sending e-mail, e-mail verification, e-mail check.

It’s time to begin sending e-mails with more self-confidence with X-EmailVerify.

What is X-EmailVerify?

X-EmailVerify is an e-mail confirmation device that assists you in cleaning your e-mail list and dramatically increases the outcome of your advertising initiatives and many more with 24 * 7 live assistance.

Lifetime Deal


X-EmailVerify Major Highlights (TL;DR):

  • Scan e-mail lists to verify addresses and separate invalid ones using real-time e-mail recognition.
  • Alternative to: NeverBounce and ZeroBounce.
  • Usage API assimilation with existing operations devices, access 24/7 assistance, and guarantee high deliverability rates.
  • Best for E-mail advertising firms trying to find an easy method to check and confirm e-mail addresses and IDs.


  • Single E-mail Verification
  • Reduce Bounce Rate
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Protection From Fake E-mails
  • Boost Your Deliverability
  • Expand Your Marketing
  • Convenient Pricing


  • Needs more integrations with common pros

You Can Ensure A Deliverability Rate Of Almost 99%.

X-Email Check cleanses your e-mail list by examining syntax and checking every e-mail to ensure a deliverability rate of virtually 99%.

Verify single e-mail on Bulk e-mail list.

Usage solitary e-mail confirmation or drag and drop your e-mail list to check e-mail in bulk. In simply one click, you will have all your e-mail checked.

Check E-mail Via Our API.

Use our live e-mail confirmation API to verify the e-mail ideally.

Integrate With Industries Tools.

This program integrates with industry-leading e-mail marketing tools to aid you in cleaning your e-mail list.

X-EmailVerify permits you to check and clean up your e-mail lists through verification tools, so you can considerably boost e-mail analytics such as click-through rate and ROI.

Companies will scan e-mail lists using several validation check types to eliminate invalid e-mails.

You’ll attain higher deliverability rates, plus ensure the protection of your web server’s reputation by checking addresses without sending a single e-mail.

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Check private e-mails for credibility and obtain automatic comments on various inbox variables.

X-EmailVerify checks e-mail addresses and processes e-mail IDs using a configured formula, performing several checks at different protection levels to assure deliverability.

The application supplies 100 cost-free credit rating points per account and lets you download verified ID outcomes of e-mail lists upon finished confirmation.

You’ll have the ability to see the insights of the valid e-mails, void e-mails, and catch-all e-mails, all of which can be checked out after verification.

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View bulk confirmation summaries and see which portion of your e-mail list stands at a glimpse!

E-mail lists can be stored in many means, but X-EmailVerify’s bulk e-mail verification is conveniently developed to check out data in CSV, XLS, and TXT styles.

You can inspect e-mails on two various degrees before results are displayed. The device flags void e-mails while still supplying domain and MX record data.

In addition to that, X-EmailVerify is designed and preconfigured with an integrated blacklist monitor along with a phrase structure mistake validator to check for unknown e-mail styles.

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Create and handle API keys for your e-mail list data to connect it with integrated systems.

X-EmailVerify can be conveniently incorporated into any on-premise system as well as third-party cloud options.

The application gets in touch with Mailchimp, SendGrid, Zapier, Google Sheets for essential sharing across your process’s existing systems.

You’ll be able to increase your e-mail validation with features that eliminate replicate e-mails and invalid addresses before ever submitting lists to your third-party e-mail solutions.

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Integrate bulk e-mail lists with your existing applications for a streamlined process.

X-EmailVerify manages one of the essential parts of expanding your service: validating that your advertising reaches your target audience.

Make your projects heard with checked and legitimate e-mails.

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What’s included in this deal:

  • Lifetime access to X-EmailVerify.
  • Pay as you go Plan updates in the future.
  • No codes, no piling– select the strategy that’s right for you.
  • Your certificate must be activated within 60 days of purchase.
  • Capacity to upgrade/downgrade between 5 certificate tiers.
  • GDPR compliant.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, despite the factor.

Features Included in All Plans:

  • Single e-mail confirmation.
  • Bulk e-mail verification.
  • Real-time e-mail validation API.
  • Blacklist display.
  • Syntax errors validator.
  • E-mail duplicate remover.
  • Hard bounce checker.
  • Device integrations: Zapier, SendGrid, and Mailchimp.

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